Saturday, December 22, 2012

Opening Day...

Today has been a long time coming! June 25,2012 started an era: a project if you will. Today we have our first official launch of Project Gummy Bear! Deliveries are being made to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centers NICU. 80 deliveries to be exact!!!

Pictures will be posted this afternoon.


Well-here you go.

January 11, 2012 my husband and I were blessed to find we would be expecting our 6th child. Yes I said 6! :) The first several weeks were very rocky, even at one point not knowing if we would even have our baby due to hormone levels, blood clots, two yolk sacs and one heart beat, etc. etc.

Finally in March it was confirmed that we were through that very emotional first trimester, however, we were only having one baby and not two, but the baby was healthy. Best news ever, we were going to have a viable little angel. Maybe one day I will share my thoughts on what may have happened with baby number two... it still weighs heavy on my heart, but this is a joyous day and I want to keep it that way, but only God will really know.

A few weeks into my second trimester they confirmed what they had been saying all along, something wasn't right with my placenta and I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa, which in the end was with a final diagnosis of Placenta Acredia. SCARY STUFF nonetheless. My primary OB advised that I must be seen by the high risk specialists at OSU and I would deliver there. I was not happy, I was in my comfort zone at my hospital.Little did I know it was what would save my life... and that of our sweet "Gummy Bear" (Caedynce Hope).

Fast forwarding to June 19, I began hemoraging and rushed immediately to OSU. I was admitted and had appoximately 10 doctors, nurses, residents, etc working on me from the moment I hit the door. Once stabalized I was told- welcome to your new home until delivery. I was 26 weeks. I spent a week in Labor and Delivery until they felt I was stable. Once I was stable I was moved to the ante-partum ward to "cook"... 6 hours later I was bleeding uncontrollably and the resident that had been watching me for the past week said, we have no option, she has to come now.

So within a few minutes I was prepped and in surgery. Again, I'll detail this a bit more later. Surgery is a whole other post. They got Caedynce out in a miracle 6 minutes and she was wisked away to the NICU. That's where this journey begins. We had be prepared to go to the NICU, but honestly you can NEVER be prepared. We made friends, and the nursing staff became our family. As I sat there day after day, night after night... I KNEW I needed to do something... and that's how Project Gummy Bear came into fruition. There were things that I wish I had days that I sat there days on end. A notebook and pen for one. The docs and nurses were throwing numbers, diagnosises, statistics, etc at me and it took some time before I was able to get something to write it down, so I knew those needed to go in the bag. Snacks because lets face it there are days you just can't leave your babies side, and a toothbrush... the bags are also big enough to toss in breast pump equipment for easy transport.

I wanted to provide support and love for these families, so they know they aren't alone. So through generous donations and help we are able to pull together Project Gummy Bear. Our goal: 80 bags per quarter. Why 80? Gummy Bear was in there 80 LONG DAYS! One bag for each day!

I want you to know that the docs and nurses, especially the nurses are looking out for your little miracle with angel wings. They truly care about every little angel and your's is in great hands!

Whether we get donations or not, 80 per quarter will happen, although we'd love for more. I hope you enjoy these bags to provide comfort. There are two ways if you would want to donate: PAYPAL and ETSY... All NICU parents will also receive a free gift from Project Gummy Bear when they are discharged by visiting our ETSY shop and entering code NICU.  We have no intentions of asking for donations, but if you feel driven to do something contact me at and we'll help. I'm currently applying for our 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible as well.